Director: Arturo Menor
Country: Spain
Site & date of filming:: Sierra Morena 2011 y 2012
Duration: 60′

Sierra Morena, the largest Mediterranean forest on the planet. From almost sea level, the Sierra Morena mountains rise to more than a thousand meters. In this way we find the best and most complete representation of the Mediterranean forest: olive groves, oak groves, cork oaks, quejigares, until reaching the oak groves; Without forgetting the extensive alysses and the riverside forests that border their rivers.
This forest tapestry houses a rich biodiversity. It is the only place on the Iberian peninsula where all the emblematic species of the Mediterranean forest survive: the lynx, the wolf, the imperial eagle, the black vulture and the black stork.

But Sierra Morena is threatened. Vertebrate communities are changing and the forest is seriously ill. It is estimated that in one hundred and fifty years almost all trees could have died. And large populations of deer and wild boars prevent the forest from regenerating. If we do nothing, Wildmed will be the last Mediterranean forest.