Producer: Carlos Pérez Romero
Director: Javier Ortega
Country: España
Place and date of filming: España
Duration: 48′

La Jayona, a mining operation closed at the beginning of the 20th century in southwestern Spain, became a gigantic open sore in the landscape. An inert scene of rubble, bare rocks and empty hollows.

But Nature began to take over that abandoned and barren space in a process similar to that experienced by planet Earth millions of years ago. Day by day, season by season, Life has taken over the abandoned mine until it has become what it is today: a unique environmental enclave, one of the most interesting natural treasures in all of Europe. Its microclimate allows the development of a unique vegetation completely alien to its environment, while it has become a refuge for a multitude of animal species, from amphibians to the all-powerful eagle owl.
To enter the old La Jayona mine is to enter a new hidden world brimming with life.