Producer: Carlos Prieto, Ramón Morillas y Vicente Palmero
Director: Carlos Prieto, Ramón Morillas y Vicente Palmero
Country: Francia
Place and date of filming: Paramos Colombianos. 2023.
Duration: 12′

Carlos Prieto, passionate about exploring the biodiversity of the Colombian moors, decides to learn to fly a paramotor with the help of his teacher Ramón Morillas and the guest Vicente Palmero to discover these places. Using the paramotor as a tool to access the most remote and difficult-to-reach areas, the team embarks on an exciting adventure to discover endemic insect species that have never before been seen by the human eye.
As they fly over the moors, sportsmen discover breathtaking natural beauty and face unique challenges in their search for the rarest of species. With the help of high-resolution cameras and mapping technology, record images and data of the species encountered to help better understand the páramos ecosystem.