Producer: Juan Alfonso Reece & José Cobo
Director: Juan Alfonso Reece & José Cobo
Country: Ecuador
Place and date of filming: Cayambe-Ecuador, Abril 2021
Duration: 29′

Sebastián “Zuko” Carrasco is an Ecuadorian mountaineer and high mountain guide with a long career. In 2015 he suffered an accident that left him immobilized from the waist down. However, that did not stop his passion for mountaineering and adventure. After an intense recovery process, in 2021 Zuko decided to embark on a new feat. Motivated and assisted by his mountaineering friends, he reached the top of the Cayambe volcano (5,790 meters above sea level), and then descended from it paragliding on his own.
This is a story about how the power of friendship and empathy can make the life force of Freedom real.