International Air Film Festival 2023

 June 16th to 18th  – El Yelmo, Segura de la Sierra, Jaén, Andalucia, Spain.

Welcome to the twenty-one edition of the International Air Film Festival, Cinema FIA 2023. We have been exhibiting the world of flight and aerial sports, through movies, for two decades now, from every corner of the world.

We hope, like every year, you enjoy with us.

Check the rules and show us the world through your eyes.



Silk’s Balance

Producer: Elise Lorthiois Director: Elise Lorthiois Country: France Place and date of filming: Chamonix France 06/2020 Duration: 4' Follow 5 women in their intimate adventure, highlining in the middle of the mountains. Doubt, strenght, laugh, transcendence, a breath...

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Veni Vidi Volavi Terra Media

Realizador: Juraj Koren Director: Juraj Koren País: Slovakia Lugar y fecha de grabación: January 2023, New Zealand Duración: 76' I have come, I have seen, I have flown...at all seven continents and this, this is the story of the last one. Australian, which also...

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Producer: Juan Alfonso Reece & José Cobo Director: Juan Alfonso Reece & José Cobo Country: Ecuador Place and date of filming: Cayambe-Ecuador, Abril 2021 Duration: 29' Sebastián "Zuko" Carrasco is an Ecuadorian mountaineer and high mountain guide with a long...

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Iberia naturaleza infinita

Producer: Arturo Menor Director: Arturo Menor Country: Spain Place and date of filming: Península ibérica,  2022 Duration: 72' A golden eagle, expelled from its territory, undertakes an epic adventure of survival throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Starting from the...

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Flying Between Giants

Producer: SEARCH Projects Director: Julien Charpentier & Laurent Dryon Country: Belgium Lugar y fecha de grabación: June-July 2022, Pakistán Duration: 33' Paragliding pilots Horacio Llorens, Ramón Morillas and Thomas de Dorlodot enter the heart of Karakorum...

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Volver a volar. Las Candelas 2023

Realizador: Javier Gómez Director: Javier Gómez País: España Lugar y fecha de grabación: La Puebla de los Infantes (Sevilla) 4 y 5 de febrero 2023 Duración: 22' The former pilot Antonio AMR, who spent much of his life flying in the skies, had the opportunity to revive...

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Home Sweet Home

Producer: Anthony Komarnicki Director: Anthony Komarnicki Country: Francia Place and date of filming: French Alps Duration: 15' An adventure on familiar ground! Christian Bobin affirms that “the end of the world and the bottom of the garden contain the same amount of...

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Ronda a 280 km/h

Realizador: Kevin Oliveri Director: Kevin Oliveri Country: Spain Place and date of filming: Ronda Noviembre/Diciembre 2022 Duration: 9' Dani Román flew over the Puente Nuevo de Ronda in Andalusia, Spain. This was a millimeter challenge never before done in which he...

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Air Karakoram

Producer: Antoine Girard Director: Antoine Girard Country: Francia Place and date of filming: 2021 Pakistan Duration: 44' Using paragliding in the Himalayas like the cable car in the Alps to go have fun, go mountaineering or skiing is the crazy idea of a group of 7...

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Inside X-Alps

Realizador: Raphael Garagnon Director: Raphael Garagnon País: Francia Lugar y fecha de grabación: Holland. May 2022. Duración: 43' Get to know paraglider and adventurer Damien Lacaze, and immerse yourself in the heart of the longest and hardest hike and fly race: the...

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Sky Boy

Producer: Ali Asgari Lemjiri Director: Ali Asgari Lemjiri Country: Iran Place and date of filming: Isfahan, IRAN / June 7, 2021 Duration: 8' A complete documentary about a 16-year-old teenager looking for the challenges and overcoming limitations and by innovating and...

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Tic Tac Base

Producer: Romain Assié-Rio Director: Romain Assié-Rio COuntry: France Place and date of filming: 2020 - France / Turkey Duration: 42' Antony Newton and Pablo Signoret, 2 friends ex world champions of highline, sport thtat they pushed the boundaries of multiple times,...

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Producer: Alliot Nicolas Director: Alliot Nicolas Country: France Place and date of filming: Nepal Duration: 52' In search of an isolated hut in the Nepalese jungle, Nico and Blutch set off on an exploration with their paraglider. Between the memory of a moment of...

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Producer: Jeremy Condamine Director: Jeremy Condamine Country: France Place and date of filming: France Duration: 40' During 7 days a team of international adventurers explore the shores of the French Riviera on the Oxala sailboat in search of thrills. The idea is to...

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Producer: Carlos Prieto, Ramón Morillas y Vicente Palmero Director: Carlos Prieto, Ramón Morillas y Vicente Palmero Country: Francia Place and date of filming: Paramos Colombianos. 2023. Duration: 12' Carlos Prieto, passionate about exploring the biodiversity of the...

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