Director: Wareck ARNAUD

Pais: Francia

Duración: 13′

Gaspard de la Meije made the first ascent of La Meije (Massif des Ecrins) in August 1877 .
Inspired by the Hautes Alpes, began there adventure in 1998 to 2058m Col du Lautaret, a group of young skiers and snowboarders discovered a new way to hike in the mountains.
From that moment the power of the wind became a friend, helping us to reach beautiful areas in the mountain.
Pushing the limits of climbing mountains with a kite are the snowkiting
RideUp team that defines snowkiting in another dimension! Snowkiting allows us to enjoy the mountain to the max, untouched powder snow and fantastic visuals in the region accompanied with friends and in harmony with the elements makes every ride one to remember.
The practice of this new way of hiking is affordable to anyone and in all countries all over the world that have snow like Norway, Italy, Germany, Spain, China, Argentina, Chile, Austria, Russia, Australia … the list goes on!
In 2003 Matt Taggart and Robbie Whittall owners and designer of the Ozone company joined us in our crazy adventures.
They then imagined riders using kites as a innovative way to sail and ride the mountain, now that dream has been realised the possibilitys are endless….
After several years of kiteboarding development in the High Alps the Ozone team left to settle in New Zealand and focus on the design of kitesurfing kites but still keeping there passion and involvement with snowkiting.
Huge thanks must be given to them for this beautiful invention and invitation ….
The story will continue.