Producer: Vladimir Cellier
Director: Vladimir Cellier
Country: France
Place and date of filming: 2018 Croatia
Duration: 27′ 50″

Three extreme sports teams: Pyrenaline (France), SDD (France) and Rock’n’Rope (Ukraine) will meet at the Red Lake of Imotski (Croatia) in the summer of 2018.

The Red Lake, dominated by an impressive Sinkhole of 400m in diameter and 200m high, became the ideal playground for these experts in Rope Jump,
Base Jump and Slackline.

Revisited by Baraka Flims’ mischievous and imaginative eye, the expedition turns into an improbable competition, with rules as incoherent as they are funny.A clever mix of rocambolic and jubilant championships and scenes from the athletes’ daily lives, the film also gives pride of place to music, with the notable assistance of local performers and traditional instrumentalists, remixed and incorporated into the electronic compositions that form the unique Baraka Flims style.