Welcome to the XXIV edition International Air Film Festival Cinema FIA, a veteran festival that began in 1999 and whose theme is air and flight in all its facets. This year 2024 we turn twenty four on showing the best of flight cinema from every corner of the world to the visitors of our festival.
Twenty years in which the audiovisual world has radically changed, formats, quality… but also the way of working, in which we had very professional productions and also “amateur” producers who have been able to surprise us with original formats and ideas throughout these years.

This film festival gave rise to the current “FIA” where we can find an endless number of activities related to air sports and where, of course, the cinema plays a leading role.

Our aim is to bring pilots, professionals and visitors the best news in film productions about flight, adventure and nature. Every year we have a wide range of productions from all around the world that explore the different flight modes and also show the new sports that are constantly developing.

We are proud to see how films from so many different countries arrive, showing, every possible little fact related to flying, from the fluttering of a fly to the flight of an airplane moved by solar energy, without forgetting any current sports modalities. Very important are also the films that show the best aerial adventures, because in this world, there is a great interest in travel, adventure and new challenges.

Of course, it is also our purpose to support and promote audiovisual creation in this area, trying to provide coverage to audiovisual producers devoted to this type of themes, and also creators, adventurers and athletes who have in this Festival, a way to promote their works, since there are few who contemplate this type of creations.

We will have the “Cine de Noche” and also “of day” in the pavilion, to show for free all the films selected in the Festival.

Awards of the XXII International Festival of Air Cinema.

Prize for the Best Film of the Festival (all categories): Statue and € 1200.
Best Air Sports Film: Figurine and € 600.
Best Adventure Movie: Statuette and € 600.
Best Nature Movie in Flight: Statuette and € 300.