Festival regulation

XXIV CINEMA FIA – International Air  Film Festival, El Yelmo 2024.

Segura de la Sierra – The Sierras of Cazorla, Segura and Las Villas Natural  Park , Andalusia – Spain.
From 7 to 9 June, 2024


1.- The town council of the Segura de la Sierra is promoting the XXIV CINEMA FIA, International Aerial Film Festival, El Yelmo 2024. It will take the form of a competition open to professional as well as amateur filmmakers.

2.- Films will be accepted if they are directly related to the air, the wind and the flight:
Films and audio-visual makings concerning all forms of flying sports: paragliding, hangliding, skydiving, hot air and gaz balloon, sailplane, eedriding,kites,sp motorized ultra-light, helicopter, power paragling, acrobatic flights, space flight etc…
Films concerning aerial adventures.
Films concerning the nature flight.
And all films concerning the air, the wind and flight.

3.- Films must arrive in the formats specified in the registration form .

4.- The foreign films will be presented in their original version. In this case, they are to be subtitled in spanish; if not, a summary in spanish is to be joined to the film, so as to make the films perfectly understandable.

5.- A selection committee, consisting of organization committee staff, will determine the acceptance of the films into the competition. The following will be barred without right of appeal:
Films which do not fulfill the conditions of rule 3.
Films which are technically and artistically insufficient.
Sound- tracked untitled films.
Films which have been made in collaboration of any sort with members of the jury and/or organization staff.

6.- The selection Committee can also choose to present to the public, not for competition, certain films which, although not acceptable for the competition, are to interest with regards to the main themes of the festival.

7.- The inscription will be done using the web www.fiaelyelmo.com/cine/. If a film-maker wishes to present more than one film for the competition, a registration form must be filled in for each film.

8.- Single and indivisible prizes will be given to the persons who signed the enrolment form. An amount of euros will be awarded to the winners.

9.- The following prizes will be awarded by the jury:

  • Caja Rural de Jaen Award for the Best Film of the festival for all categories.
    (Statuette and 1200 euros)
    This prize will be awarded independently if the film has won the prize of his category.
  • Best Aerial Sports Film. (Statuette and 600euros).
  • Best Aerial Adventure film. (Statuette and 600 euros).
  • Bujarkay Award to the Best nature in flight film. (Statuette and 300 euros)
  • Best short film  (Statuette and 300 euros)
  • Canal Sur Award for the best Andalusian production. (Statuette)

* The Festival is not responsible shipping prize if not collected at the awards ceremony for the winners.
* All prizes will be taxed 15%

10.- As far as they can, the film-makers are requested to come and introduce their films at public showings, under the conditions specified by the organization committee.

11.- Each film will enter the competition in the category the jury decides. This decision will be unappealable.

12.- The time at which the films admitted to the competition and any other films are shown will be decided by the festival directors according to organizing criteria. Their decisions will be final.

13.- Although the greatest care will be taken for all the films submitted, the organizers will not be liable in any case for damages resulting from transit or any causes whatever. The competitors are therefore invited to adequaley insure their films.

14.- In order to set up a film library for the festival, the organization committee will keep the copy of the selected films for the exclusive use of promotional activities of the festival.

15.- The organizing committee allows themselves the right to freely use 2 minutes maximum of each selected film with the aim to introduce the festival.

16.- For the advertising of the festival, CINEMA FIA is authorized to use publicly fragments, up to three minutes, of the selected films.

17.- After the Festival, CINEMA FIA and FIA may use the selected works for non-profit cultural and education shows and programs, with prior communication to the creators.

18.- Likewise, unselected films may be used exclusively for cultural and pedagogical non-profit use in the dependent municipalities of the Sierra de Segura Region.

19.- The contestant responds to the authorship and originality of each film presented, exempting the Organization from any responsibility regarding its content.

20.-  Entries must arrive before May 1, 2024.
All films must arrive in format DVD (2 copies) or using internet:

  • Sending user and password of private zone of online video channel (Vimeo, youtube)
  • By internet using DROPBOX (http://www.dropbox.com), or www.wetransfer.com to the email direction cine@fialeyelmo.com. or fica@fiaelyelmo.com
  • By postoffice should be sent to:
    CINEMA FIA 2024
    C/ Regidor Juan de Isla, 1
    23379 Segura de la Sierra
    Jaén , España  Fax:+34953481012

21.- Enrolment will imply acceptance to all the stated conditions.