List of awards XXIV CINEMA FIA:

laurel_CINEMA FIA_bestfilm

Best Film of the festival : “Cerro Torre”
Mario Heller. (Switzerland)



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Best Aerial Sports film: Flying on the Edge”
Damien Lacaze. (France)



laurel_CINEMA FIA_bestadventure

Best Aerial Adventure film:  Eternal Flemme”
Nicolas Bossard (Switzerland)



laurel_CINEMA FIA_bestnature

Best Nature in Flight film:Aguilucha”
Alfredo Penella Delgado (Spain).



laurel_CINEMA FIA_bestshort

Best short film: RONDA 280 KM/H”
Kevin Oliveri. (España)


Wind hurling in the face

Producer: Roudneff Laurent Director: Roudneff Laurent Country: Francia Place and date of filming: Francia Duration: 26' Arnaud is a wide open spaces lover When he suffered a serious paragliding accident in 2019, his life took a radical turn. There followed several...

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Producer: Alfredo Penella Delgado Director: Alfredo Penella Delgado Country: Spain Place and date of filming:: España/Marruecos/2023/2024 Duration: 63' “AguiLucha” is a documentary that tells the story of a female Montagu's harrier, who almost died before being born,...

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The connection

Producer: Cassan Rodolphe Director: Cassan Rodolphe Country: France Place and date of filming: Corsica and Sardinia Duration: 53' “The Connection,” a compelling story of two world-class athletes that team up to make their ambitious dream a reality… the ultimate quest...

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La guinda del pastel

Producer: Alberto Collantes Director: Alberto Collantes Country: Spain Place and date of filming: 2024, España Duration: 20' In June 2023, Eric de Cima and Marta Jiménez performed the first base jump in history from the Torreón de Galayos in the Sierra de Gredos....

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Flying on the edge

Producer: Raphaël Garagnon Director: Damien LACAZE Country: France Place and date of filming: Alps - June 2023 during Red Bull X-Alps Duration: 45' Relive the incredible adventure of Damien Lacaze and Team Fra2 during the Red Bull X-Alps 2023. Explore technical,...

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Producer: Phelipe Eizaguirre Director: Yhabril Country: España Place and date of filming: 2022 Etxauri (Navarra) Duration: 3' 15" Wolf moon, full moon in February 2022, in Etxauri (Navarra). Fusion of vertical dance and climbing. A lamia that dances suspended...

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Socotra Dream

Producer: Ole Dalen Director: Ole Dalen Country: France Place and date of filming: Socotra, Yeman. February 2023 Duración: 25' 28" World champion in acro paragliding, Theo De Blic goes to the secluded island of Socotra, Yemen with three friends to fulfill a childhood...

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Realizador: Carlos Pérez Romero Director: Carlos Pérez Romero País: España Lugar y fecha de grabación: Parque Nacional de Monfragüe, Extremadura, España, año 2023 Duración: 49' The largest patch of Mediterranean forest in the world. The largest concentration in the...

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La isla de las madres gigantes

Producer: Carlos Pérez Romero Director: Carlos Pérez Romero Country: Spain Lugar y fecha de grabación: Isla de Poilao (Guinea Bissau) Duration: 51' 56" No other place in Africa concentrates such a large number of green turtles nesting as the island of Poilao. Up to...

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Producer: Alexis Righetti Director: Alexis Righetti Country: Francia Place and date of filming: Pyrénées, 2022 Duration: 36' Loic Tamburello is part of the French basejumping elite and I had the chance to accompany him during an opening jump, in the middle of the...

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Eternal Flemme

Producer: Nicolas Bossard Director: Nicolas Bossard Country: Suiza Place and date of filming: Pakistan 2022 Duración: 26' Jumping from the top of Nameless Tower in Pakistan (6200m) after having climbed the Eternal Flame route, is to combine the ascent of one of the...

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Producer: Flybubble paragliding Director: Flybubble paragliding Country: United Kingdom Place and date of filming: Lake Garda, Italy - May 2022 Duration: 32' 31 Art Of Collapses: 7 day paragliding odyssey, a mind-bending narrative where the thin line between thrill...

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