Producer: Flybubble paragliding
Director: Flybubble paragliding
Country: United Kingdom
Place and date of filming: Lake Garda, Italy – May 2022
Duration: 32′ 31

Art Of Collapses: 7 day paragliding odyssey, a mind-bending narrative where the thin line between thrill and terror becomes a daring exploration of paragliding boundaries. Against the breathtaking backdrop of Italy’s iconic paragliding spot above Lake Garda, the trio Carlo, Nancy and Boris partake in an ACRO and SIV paragliding course led by the pro paragliding pilot Pál Takáts. A paradoxical ballet in the sky unfolds, where vulnerability is transmuted into strength!  As the sun dips below the horizon, whispers of those who dared to master the ethereal can be heard. Brace yourself to witness the “Art of Collapses.