Producer: Alfredo Penella Delgado
Director: Alfredo Penella Delgado
Country: Spain
Place and date of filming:: España/Marruecos/2023/2024
Duration: 63′

“AguiLucha” is a documentary that tells the story of a female Montagu’s harrier, who almost died before being born, while still in the egg, crushed by the wheel of a tractor while harvesting cereal.
She recovered the laying and carried out in a breeding center, she grew without maintaining contact with the man through a technique of semi-freedom (hacking), and before her final release, she was placed with a GPS locator for tracking. her.
When the time came, she began the migration to spend the winter in Africa, where she lost the signal from her transmitter. Her caregivers, after a month without news from her, began to lose hope that she had survived the hard and dangerous trip, but what was her surprise when seven months later, the GPS connected and she began sending all the accumulated information. Our protagonist was back and she did it with such precision that she landed just one meter from the place where she had left. The time had come to find a mate and breed.
In the journey of narrating her life, we will discover how the world today is changing at an unprecedented speed and scale, due to the economic and demographic growth of humanity. The development of new technologies related to agriculture and the production of goods is affecting ecological and social systems.
Protecting our terrestrial and marine ecosystems, and acting against climate change, are some of the sustainable development objectives that are contemplated within the 2030 Agenda, to which Spain and Andalusia are committed.
From the perspective of our protagonist, we will see what is being done and what we can do from our field of action. Volunteers, professionals, entities, … that work to improve our present, our territory and our future.